Aug 10, 2017

5 Common Reasons You Have Ice on Your AC Unit

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If you have central air, you know how much of a joy it can be, especially when the weather is hot. But sometimes you notice that ice is building up on your unit. Below are five common reasons that you may have ice on your AC unit.

1. Your Refrigerant is Low

If you have low refrigerant levels, there’s a leak. This will mean your Freon’s expanding too much in the evaporator coil of your air conditioning and lowering its temperature so that it’s below freezing. This means that ice is forming. The way to fix this is to have an HVAC technician come out and repair your leak, then recharge your coolant. To prevent this from happening again, your unit should be inspected as well as serviced each spring so that potential problems are caught and you know that it has the correct Freon amount.

2. Your Evaporator Coil is Dirty

When your have an evaporator coil that is dirty, this can mean that ice is forming on your unit, since it’s restricting air flow through your unit. This also can mean your unit is using more electricity even though it’s not cooling your air as well, causing a lot of damage to your compressor. So that a complete cooling system breakdown is prevented, shut your unit off until a professional replaces or cleans your coil. Then regularly clean your coil.

3. There is Restricted Air Flow Through Your Unit

In order for your unit to function properly, it relies on the air flowing through its system. If there isn’t enough airflow, it will reduce its temperature so that your unit freezes up. This restriction can be due to air filters being dirty, leaks or clogs in your ductwork, or closed vents. Based on what is restricting this airflow, it may be necessary to change the filter or repair or clean your ducts. You should change your filter once each month when you’re using your unit a lot and think about sealing your ductwork.

4. The Temperature Outside is too Cold

An AC unit isn’t supposed to be running when its under 62 degrees outside. So you shouldn’t run your AC when it’s cool outside. Run it during the day to keep you cool, but when its night time turn it off and open up the windows. If you get ice on your AC unit, turn it off and let it thaw.

5. Mechanical failure

If your fan motor or blower fan is damaged, if you have broken valves, a blocked drain or refrigerant lines that are kinked, this can all lead to a frozen AC unit. In this case, you have to have an HVAC professional come out. They’ll inspect your unit and make the necessary repairs. Regularly maintaining your cooling and heating systems, usually in the fall and spring, can help you ensure that all of the parts are properly working.

Most of these problems can be avoided with routine maintenance. Of course, sometimes things just happen. But if you are keeping an eye on your AC and doing the maintenance, it will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer.

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