Mar 21, 2017

A Guide to Changing Air Filters

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The majority of people change a filter when a new season begins, since they know that their equipment’s going to be working really hard. There are other people who change it every month so that they are safe. But there are factors that can help you with choosing the right frequency for you.

Questions to ask yourself

· What kind of filter are you using? Because each kind of air filter lasts a different length of time, figuring that out will help you determine when you should change it.
· What’s your home’s air quality like? If your home’s air doesn’t appear as fresh or clear as it was in the past, or you’re having trouble with frequent colds or allergies, it may be time to change it more frequently, or choose a different filter.
· Do you have pets? If there are pets inside your house, it might be beneficial to change your filter more often. It’s also a good idea to look for one that will help with pet dander.
· Are there a lot of people in your home? When you have more people who live in the house, there is going to be a lot more dirt and dust flying around. Think about changing the filter on a regular basis.
· Is there a lot of pollution or construction in your area? If you answer yes to this question, you should frequently check the filters and ensure you’re changing the filters anytime they are dirty.

What type should I get?

There are a variety of filters that you can choose from. Below are the types of filters available and a should explanation.

· Economy Panel – These filters come in packs of four and they’re pretty inexpensive. The problem is that they aren’t the best. They don’t filter a lot and you’ll likely have to replace them more than once each month.
· Pileated – These filters can last anywhere from 3-6 months and they’re 10-60% more efficient when compared to conventional air conditioning filters.
· Electrostatic – These filters are cost-effective and energy-efficient. They are a bit more expensive but they usually can be washed and then reused.
· Electronic – These types of filters will quickly become dusty but this usually doesn’t impact the airflow. To get them clean, you take out the cells, soak the cells in cleaner, then rinse them. They can be used again then.
· HEPA filters – These filters are the ones that are most efficient. The downside is that they are also very expensive.

When should I change my filter?

When you keep this information in mind, you should be changing the filter anytime they are dirty. Even though this advice may seem generic, it will depend on your home’s living conditions, the kind of filters you’re using, and the frequency you are using the HVAC equipment, and how hard it’s working. When the winter is extremely cold or the summer is extremely hot, you’ll need to change your filter more often. You should always check your filter at least once per month.

Think about your home and then choose the filter that is right for your needs. Also think about your budget and let that help with choosing the right one for you and your family.

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