May 30, 2017

How to Keep Your AC Running Well in the Summer

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The winter is over and now you know that the hot summer is coming. You turn on your air conditioning and it starts making weird noises. The last thing you want to do is to face a hot summer without air conditioning. Now you may have an expensive repair to pay for, and you have to deal with waiting for someone to come while you’re in the heat. Below are some maintenance and repair tips that you can use for your air conditioning system.

Tips for Repairing and Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Among the most essential steps that you should take when you are maintaining your AC unit is to schedule a yearly tune-up. Using DST as your guide, you should have a professional optimize the system before the summer hits. Below are some of the adjustments and checks that technicians will often do.

· Examine for loose fittings and leaky connections

· Adjusting any parts that move and applying lubrication as necessary

· Cleaning the condenser coils

· Recharging refrigerants

· Checking the ducts for dirt, mold, and leaks

· Checking the thermostat function and battery

Technicians are able to identify any type of serious problems with the system and provide you with repair recommendations. They will also optimize the equipment so it’s going to operate with the manufacturer suggestions. It will also be more efficient, and your unit’s life can also be extended. This service to your air conditioner can also reduce the amount of vulnerability you have due to your system malfunctioning. It often can eliminate up to 95% of the needed repairs due to optimization so that you can have a cool and comfortable summer.

Other maintenance and repair tips for your air conditioner include:

· Monitoring the performance of your system during the during the summer

· Starting the summer with a clean and new air filter

· Checking each month for a buildup of dirt

· Replacing dirty filters immediately since a lot of dirt can result in less airflow and reduce your system’s efficiency

· Pay attention to your airflow

Why is it Running Constantly?

If you’re noticing that the system’s running a lot, you should look at the settings on your thermostat. Be certain someone didn’t switch the setting to on instead of automatic. If it’s not your settings, make sure your battery’s not weak. Having a battery that’s low can adversely affect the way it functions. If you can’t correct the issue at the thermostat, you should contact your professional.

Heat Wave and Storm Problems

One thing that a lot of people notice is that they have trouble with their air conditioner in the beginning of the season. They are experiencing malfunctions because they didn’t have preventative tune-ups. There are more serious issues later that are related to high heat and storms. Make certain that your house isn’t too hot for the people in your family. When you call a professional, make sure you let them know if there’s anyone in the family who has health problems or who is elderly.

Serious storms, particularly hurricanes, often can damage equipment. When there is really high temperatures, this can place a lot of stress on the system too. In both of these cases, make sure that you are keeping an eye on your unit. Clear away any type of debris, and look for physical damage. If there is damage, get a repair quickly.

Is It Possible for Me to do a Tune-Up?

Even though this may seem cheaper, it may actually cost you more money in the long run. This is true especially if you’re considering recharging refrigerant on your own. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to using Freon as well as servicing the equipment that uses it to cool. The majority of suppliers refuse to sell it to a homeowner. Without the proper HVAC license, it’s going to be impossible to buy it on your own. You can’t buy Puron either or use it instead. You have to use the right refrigerant.

If my AC’s Breaking Down a lot, What Steps Should I take?

If you’re finding that you’re having a lot of problems with your AC unit, it may be time to start thinking about buying a new one. You should start thinking of this possibility when your unit starts getting old. Even though it can last for twenty years or more, eventually you will need a new one. You should remember that the newer ones are going to run a lot more efficiently and that means that when you replace your old one with a new one, you’ll notice a reduction in the cost of your energy bills.

How Can I Choose the Right AC Unit for Me?

A professional will perform what’s known as load calculation so they can determine the equipment that will meet the cooling demands of your home. It might be a better choice to get a heat pump rather than an AC unit since heat pumps address cooling and heating needs. Professionals also evaluate your costs and possibilities to help you with making the right decision for you.

When you are looking for a way that you can make the summer a lot more bearable for you and your family, one of the best choices that you can make is an air conditioner for your home. But remember that you have to keep up with its maintenance. In order to keep it running well, it should be checked regularly so that any problems can be addressed before they become big problems.

We hope that this guide to keeping your AC unit running well will help you and give you the information that you need to keep cool during the hot summers. Whether you have an AC unit or you are buying your first, remember these tips and they will help you with keeping your system running well.

Air Conditioning Professionals

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