Apr 10, 2018

Maintaining Your HVAC System

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If you have a HVAC system, you want to make sure that you are maintaining it properly. Below are six reasons why you want to make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained.

Helps to Lower Your Utility Bills

One of the biggest reasons that you want to maintain your HVAC unit is that it’s going to help you with saving money. When the HVAC unit is running efficiently and your home is insulated properly, it means that you have lower bills for cooling and heating and having electricity in your home. It also helps with preventing entire replacements or major repairs.

Healthy Air

When your HVAC unit is properly maintained, it’s going to help with keeping your home cool and warm and help with preventing air quality problems. Clean coils and filters will mean that your whole family is breathing better. When your HVAC isn’t maintained, it means that it can breed bacteria, mold and dirt and this can cause respiratory problems or make them worse.

System Lasts Longer

When the HVAC system is maintained properly, it’s going to last a lot longer and provide the you with heating and cooling to your building or home. With the right HVAC maintenance, your unit can last more than a decade. When you think about how much money you’re going to spend for HVAC unit installation, it makes a lot of sense that you are keeping your unit running the way that it should for a long time.


Along with the system’s life, a HVAC system that is well-maintained is going to run a lot more efficiently. There is research that suggests that unmaintained or dirty units will work 20% harder than a machine that has been maintained will produce. There is going to be a smaller amount of energy expended while the unit is running and this means that the machine’s components have less stress. When there is a lesser amount of wear on your machine it means that there is going to be simple maintenance during the fall and spring months. Maintenance is going to be a lot smoother and quicker if you are taking preventative steps for keeping your system running well.

Fewer Emergency Repairs

The majority of HVAC units are going to need an emergency repair once in a while. Units that are maintained well aren’t as likely to break down when they are being used hard (the winter months for the heat and the summer months for the AC). Keeping your unit updated on all of its maintenance checks and inspections means that there’s going to be less worry that you’ll have a breakdown.

Warranty on Parts

When there is a problem, the component or part that is having a problem may still be warrantied. That is another big reason why you should maintain your HVAC unit regularly. Keep your list of all of the expiration dates of warranties and check your parts before the date to make sure there aren’t any problems before it’s too late. When parts are under warranty, they often can be fixed for free except for labor charges which could happen if you can’t replace or fix the problems on their own.

These are six reasons why you want to maintain your HVAC system. They will help you with saving money and give you and your family a better life.

Air Conditioning Professionals

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